Newest Movies HD Apk Free Download For Android 2019

Hey, Are you looking for Newest Movies HD Apk for your Android mobile phone device then you are just in the right place?

About Newest HD Movies APK

Basically, the Newest Movies HD Apk is an app for the Android mobile phone devices, And you watch the movies, dramas, songs, sports online and much more.

Do you know that you can watch all type of videos In HD & In UHD resolution then what you need more?

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Why are you waiting for download newest movies HD APK right now?

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Newest Movies HD APP Screenshots

newest movies hd android | Download Showbox Apks

newest movies hd android apk | Download Showbox Apks

newest movies hd apk android | Download Showbox Apks

newest movies hd apk download | Download Showbox Apks

download newest movies hd apk | Download Showbox Apks

Download Newest Movies HD Apk

The best part of this app is that the newest movies HD app is free of cost and you can watch all the things free.

This app has an awesome User interface when you download this app you will love to get that type of app on your mobile phone device.

So, why are you waiting for? Download now to enjoy everything in unlimited.

  1. Download the newest movies HD apk from given link below button.
  2. Then after downloading you just go to your downloads and tap on the App.
  3. As you tapped on the game you will see a popup message.
  4. That allows google chrome browser to install the app on your mobile phone device.
  5. Simply you just need to Allow that.
  6. And you will see the Install option.
  7. Tap on install and wait for the 2 or 3 minutes to install the app.
  8. After installation now you are ready to go to watch any kind on videos online on this newest movies HD apk app.

Download Newest Movies HD Apk

Newest Movies HD APP Information

App NameNewest Movies HD
DeveloperNewest Movies HD
App Latest Versionv5.0.4
File NamenewestMoviesHD-50.apk
File Size5 MB
File type.apk
Requires Android VersionAndroid 8.1.0 & Above
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and PC
Total Downloads217,751
App Download Time10 Seconds
last updatedMay 22, 2019


you need to Sign in to Movie HD with your Google Account on Android Devices. You will need a Movie HD Activation Code only for Fire TV and Android TV to continue Watching Movies with this app or you will get a No Connection Error.

Newest Movies HD Android Features

  • you can watch unlimited videos anywhere at any time.
  • you can also save these videos for offline use, whenever you don’t have an internet connection you can view those videos in offline without any interruptions.
  • The very user-friendly application you would love it.

So, Don’t forget to share this app with your friends & family also let them know about this newest movies hd android.

So, they can also get a good benefit from this app free of cost.

thank you for reading.

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