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MovieBox Apk is a great App for your Entertainment. MovieBox app will lighten up your Experience of watching Movies and TV Serials. MovieBox is Packed with Thousands of Movies from Hollywood to Bollywood. When you want to get Entertain with your Friends and Families you will definitely want to use MovieBox. You can watch Movies for hours very calmly on your Bed and even for a whole day.

MovieBox for Android Download Moviebox APk Free :

Movie Box app is a great app that is exactly like Show box for android. Movie box app might have been said like IOS version of Show Box app, in other words, an alternative for Show Box app. This Movie Box app has the look and feels just like the Show Box app that makes the users use the app at ease. Movie Box has a vast collection of Movies, TV Shows and even Music videos which could be viewed through online streaming or downloaded to the device. The best part is that everything is for free of cost.

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Talking about the look and feel. This app packs up a dark theme just like the Show Box App. The tiles are so legit with showing the poster cover of the Video. The different categories are available in the side menu. The menu list is as follows: Movies, TV Shows, Music videos, Favourites, My downloads, Updates, Queue, FAQ and Order movie. By clicking on the respective category we would get to see the Movies, TV shows, and Music videos.

When the user clicks on a tile they would be taken to a window where the video description could be seen and one could even opt to watch the trailer by selecting the option available. Below the ‘Watch trailer’ option the quality of the video which could be chosen according to one’s desire to watch or to download. The movie suggestion could be seen at the lower end of the screen.

MovieBox lets you Browse through a variety of Popular Movies and TV Shows. MovieBox is online streaming Movies App and All the Movies add shows you watch don’t charge a penny. MovieBox is absolutely Free of cost. So now you don’t have to go to the Theatre and Spend Money on tickets instead you can watch everything you want at any time without spending money.

You can start streaming anything you want right away. Select any type of streaming you want as per your Internet Connection Strength. If you are a Movie Lover then MovieBox is surely for you.

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MovieBox needs an Internet Connection to use. Don’t worry about the Storage space because Moviebox doesn’t fill your Storage. It uses Online Streaming Data to stream Movies and TV Shows.

It is also very easy to find movies. The labels are categorized in a way that the user will face no problem at all to search for the Movies. That makes MovieBox also easy for the user interface.

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MovieBox APP Screenshots

movie box | Download Showbox Apks

moviebox hd apk | Download Showbox Apks

moviebox apk download | Download Showbox Apks

moviebox android apk | Download Showbox Apks

moviebox apk 2018 | Download Showbox Apks

download moviebox apk

movie box apk | Download Showbox Apks

Features of MovieBox

MovieBox has Features that will make you want this App even more.

  • MovieBox is absolutely Free to Download.
  • Easily available Online
  • Zero Charge on watching Movies.
  • MovieBox is available in Almost Every Android Smartphone.
  • MovieBox is one of the Best App for Downloading and Streaming Movies & Videos. It is also very highly rated.
  • All the Episodes of all TV Serials are available.
  • MovieBox can be run and Emulated for your PC also.
  • MovieBox is very easy to understand and the user interface is amazing.
  • You can stream unlimited Movies and TV Shows.
  • Different Stream options for the Quality.
  • Search Bar is Available for Just the Exact Movie you want.

There other Apps similar to this one but as my Personal Experience, MovieBox is the Best among the other Apps.

MovieBox APP Information

App NameMovieBox
Developeritech Team
App Latest Versionv5.6
File Namemovieboxpro.apk
File Size18 MB
File type.apk
Requires Android VersionAndroid 4.0 & Above
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and PC
Total Downloads5000+
App Download Time10 Seconds
last updatedMay 09, 2019

How to Download MovieBox on Android.

MovieBox is available on Android & Ios but since it’s about Android. I will guide you on how to download MovieBox on Android.

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  1. Download the Apk file of MovieBox from any Browser (The Apk file will be easily available on Apk Download websites ) on your PC or Smartphone.
  2. After Downloading the Apk file, go to File Manager and Look for the Apk File of MovieBox App.
  3. Tap on the Apk and Continue the Process of Installing MovieBox App.
  4. Wait for 2-3 Minutes to Completely Download the App.
  5. After the installation will Complete. Go to the App Menu.
  6. Find MovieBox and use the application to Stream Movies and TV Shows seamlessly.

Download MovieboxPRO Apk

Note: Before you download the Apk file of MovieBox which you have downloaded from the Browser. You have to uncheck the Unknown Sources. You can change settings which are available in Settings>Security.

moviebox android

movie box android

Moviebox app is only for IOS so the user could download the Show Box app which is the same as the Movie Box app download it from here.


Use this link to download
For IOS 6 and below: download it from here
For IOS 7 and 8: download it from here and if the website demands for a password try typing movie box.
Select Trust.
Select Install.

The above two are the methods to download and install the app and use it in the respective devices like smartphones, tablets or even smart TVs. These are the two best way to install in the devices as the app is not available in the Play Store or in App Store and that why we have mentioned the download link above in the step, kindly find it useful.

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As we could see, Movie Box is such a great alternative for the Show Box app for IOS. It gives great quality videos with a vast collection on Movies, TV shows, and even Music videos. If you have been searching for a movie or TV show streaming app then this Movie Box app is a right choice to pick that will fulfill all the need and wants of a person who loves to watch the movies or to follow a TV show on the go.
Download the app and enjoy it.

MovieBox will always be there for you as long as you want This App to take care of your Boredom.

Download MovieboxPRO Apk

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